Caran d’Ache celebrates 100th anniversary with “Spirit of Switzerland” and “Oberalp” Limited Editions

Caran d’Ache is commemorating its 100th anniversary this year, and the Geneva based brand has announced a collection of exclusive writing instruments to celebrate the significant milestone.CdA Spirit 2

“Spirit of Switzerland” features 14 traditional Swiss motifs sculpted into a solid silver barrel. The 100-piece limited edition is adorned by a glimmering rutile quartz cabochon crystal on the cap top. Bordered by Swiss crosses, the friezes feature the realms of dairy production, wine making and horology – all of which have become synonymous with Swiss cultural identity.CdA Oberalp

“Oberalp” pays tribute to Swiss alpine traditions with finely engraved motifs of alpine life and edelweiss blossoms, evoking the idyllic beauty of the Swiss Alps. The 2044-piece limited edition pays tribute to the highest point of the Oberalp Pass, which links the Rhone and Rhine valleys.CdA 100 Years

Caran d’Ache has also launched a collection of its most iconic products – Technograph, Fixpencil, Prismalo, Ecridor and 849. The Ecridor 100 Years features a reinterpretation of the classical chevron motif, while the 849 100 Years pays tribute to the brand’s crayons.

The iconic Fixpencil features gradual rulers on the barrel. The Fixpencil was the first mechanical pencil to have been introduced into the market in 1929. The Prismalo Aquarelle 100 Years colour pencil set and Technograph 100 Years pencil set also comes in commemorative packaging.

The Spirit of Switzerland fountain pen has a recommended retail price of S$9590 while the Oberalp lists at S$3990. Prices include GST.

On this momentous occasion, congratulations to Caran d’Ache!  Here’s to another century and more at the Maison de Haute Ecriture.

CdA Technograph 100 Years

The following are press releases announcing the two Limited Edition pens:

 CdA Spirit 1

Caran d’Ache Spirit of Switzerland Limited Edition

For its 100th anniversary, the Maison Caran d’Ache pays tribute to its home nation through a series of limited edition writing instruments named Spirit of Switzerland. This symbolic creation features 14 figurative representations, emblematic of Swiss cultural identity.

A country endowed with enormous cultural wealth and linguistic diversity, Switzerland is also the crucible of exceptional know-how that has forged its international reputation, such as in the realms of dairy production, winemaking and watchmaking. Keenly protective of its art and culture, Switzerland has always nurtured a great love of its mountains and of alpine life with its many rites and customs.

The figures appearing in relief, sculpted in solid silver and adorning the body of the pens, represent the emblematic sectors that make Switzerland and its cultural heritage shine across the world. The delicately carved figurative structure appears superimposed on the matt black lacquer body of the fountain and roller pens. Friezes engraved with Swiss crosses form delicate borders at the far ends of each part of the writing instrument.

The Spirit of Switzerland limited edition consists of 100 numbered fountain and roller pens, in symbolic tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Maison Caran d’Ache.

 CdA Oberalp

Caran d’Ache Oberalp Limited Edition

Following the limited editions Poya and Rindyà dedicated to the Swiss customs and Alpine traditions, the new creation Oberalp salutes the refined expertise of the Caran d’Ache artisans in terms of figurative engraving.

The Maison Caran d’Ache has developed the Oberalp limited edition in tribute to the Alpine spirit that is inextricably bound up with the intrinsic Swiss identity. The fascination of the mountains and its lively folklore, expressed through song, paintings, paper-cutting or the engravings on chalet façades, represent a living heritage that perpetuates the enduring Alpine spirit.

A narrative frieze motif evokes the symbols of Alpine life and the idyllic scenery of the Swiss mountains. A second frieze, engraved on the other three sides of the pen, portrays the beauty of edelweiss flowers. Crafting these miniature frieze motifs reflects the finesse of the traditional Alpine art of paper- or wood-cutting. The body of the fountain pens and roller pens features the finely engraved outlines of three edelweiss blossoms.

An iconic site within the Swiss Alpine heritage, the Oberalp Pass is located at an altitude of 2,044 metres at the very heart of the Swiss Alps. It links the Rhone and Rhine valleys along the watershed between North and South. From the start of the 19th century, Swiss alpine passes became the independent and neutral guardians of the major, transalpine communication routes. They continue to provide a crossing through the Alps to this day.

Paying symbolic homage to the highest point of the Oberalp Pass, Oberalp writing instruments are issued in a numbered series of 2,044.

Photos: Caran d’Ache

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