Omas Paragon Ludovico Einaudi Signature Edition – fitting tribute to an extraordinary artist

The Omas Paragon Ludovico Einaudi is a fountain pen in the new “Signature Collection”, which celebrates the brand’s passion for arts. As its name suggests, the pen is a tribute to the Italian musical composer well known for his new-age and neoclassical music. The Ludovico Einaudi Signature Edition comprises of the Paragon – the brand’s flagship piston filler fountain pen – as well as the Milord, a smaller cartridge-converter fountain pen.Omas Ludovico Einaudi Certified Edition (3)

The Omas Ludovico Einaudi is a stealthy looking fountain pen from the Italian manufacturer. The Paragon is fitted with an 18K gold nib which is beautifully engraved and plated with a shiny black ruthenium finish. Its cap ring bears an engraving of the composer’s signature, while the clip features a trademark rolling wheel. The pen has a dodecagonal, faceted appearance and is made of matte-black cotton resin which is warm to the touch. The material feels rubbery in the hand.Omas Ludovico Einaudi Certified Edition (12)

As if there aren’t already enough editions in the market, the brand had launched the pen as a new, unnumbered 255-piece Signature Edition last year. This means that fans can expect a new product to be launched annually. The pen comes in a specially printed box which bears the composer’s signature. It opens to reveal a hard card box lined with velvet, and a booklet containing technical details.Omas Ludovico Einaudi Certified Edition (18)

The pen is protected by a velvety sheath which sits on a removable platform. The sheath is rather functional, especially when the pen is carried in a bag. Apart from the commemorative booklet, the box is otherwise identical to the one which my other Omas Old-Style Paragon fountain pens come in, and contains a small guarantee booklet and quality control certification card.Omas Ludovico Einaudi Certified Edition (9)

The Ludovico Einaudi is a rather conservative fountain pen to start off the Signature Edition. The choice of a matte black resin body and accents seeks to blend modernity and classicism – the dark finish is perfect for any suit and tie event, while the faceted design is a nod to the composer’s neoclassical genre.The faceted design on the Ludovico Einaudi is both attractive and ergonomic, and features a pointed cap-top and piston knob. The sleek, understated appearance will appeal to many. It also serves a practical purpose – a matte finish easily conceals blemishes that may come with the rigours of daily use.Omas Ludovico Einaudi Certified Edition (10)

Unlike its Milord sized sibling, the pricier Paragon is both larger, heavier and more well balanced. It also sports a piston filling system. The cartridge-converter Milord comes with a shiny black resin nib section rather than a metal one. This makes a significant difference for those who prefer posting their pens. One advantage of the Milord design over the Paragon is the availability of the brand’s famed Extra Flessible nibs, which provide line variation when pressure is exerted. The nib does not come in a larger size, and is therefore unavailable on the Paragon.Omas Ludovico Einaudi Certified Edition (15)

The Omas Ludovico Einaudi fountain pen is fitted with an Omas 18K gold nib. The Fine nib is an admirable performer which delivers a steady stream of ink buffeted by an ebonite feed. Though their nibs are allegedly not manufactured in-house, the performance of Omas nibs are amongst the best I have encountered from European brands. To top it off, Paragon sized fountain pens have a piston reservoir capacity of 1.81m, which will sustain writing for extended periods.Omas Ludovico Einaudi Certified Edition (8)

The only issue I sometimes encounter with Omas pens is the misalignment of the facets on the cap and barrel. Fortunately, the issue has not presented itself here. I do find that the threads on the barrel and cap may not have been fine tuned properly on some pens, causing facets to be misaligned. The issue may not affect writing performance, however I consider it a serious flaw. I would therefore suggest that buyers examine faceted pens closely before making a purchase.Omas Ludovico Einaudi Certified Edition (16)

The Omas Ludovico Einaudi Signature Edition is a fitting tribute to the Italian composer – its streamlined construction and subdued appearance will appeal to those with discerning tastes, especially those who enjoy understated design. As with all Omas pens, quality comes at a cost – the pen lists at a recommended retail price of US$795 or approximately S$1059.20 when converted directly into local currency.

– Smooth, reliable nib performance
– Understated appearance
– Large piston reservoir
– Yearly Signature Edition

– Facets occasionally misaligned
– Only available in black
– Not available with Flessible nib
– Paragon model is rather costly

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