Staedtler Premium’s SG50 Limited Edition depicts local flora and fauna

Staedtler announced today the release of an SG50 commemorative edition which pays tribute to Singapore as a “city in a garden”. The 98-piece Limited Edition fountain pen is handmade in Germany, and features cowhide leather imprinted with hand-drawn depictions of local flora and fauna. It comes engraved with the SG50 logo on its cap.

The SG50 Flora & Fauna Limited Edition features the country’s national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid hybrid. Singapore’s first orchid hybrid is representative of the country’s hardiness and resilience, and derived its name from its discovery in the garden of Armenian horticulturalist Agnes Joaquim. The Vanda Miss Joaquim was chosen as the national flower on 15th April 1981 for its ability to bloom throughout the year. (Sitragandi & Ong, 2005)

Also depicted is the Crimson Sunbird, widely regarded by nature lovers as the unofficial bird of Singapore. The Sunbird’s distinctive red plumage and curved beak is easily distinguished on the Staedtler fountain pen. The Crimson Sunbird develops its red feathers as the bird moults from a “juvenal” to a breeding stage. The colourful red feathers are ostensibly to attract potential mates. (Ng, 2011)

Staedtler’s SG50 Flora & Fauna Limited Edition is available with Fine and Medium nibs and comes with an individually signed certificate of authenticity. It retails at S$500 including GST.


Sitragandi, A., Ong, E.C. (2005). Vanda Miss Joaquim. National Library Board Singapore Infopedia.

Ng, Peter. (2011). “Sunbird”. Singapore Biodiversity: An Encyclopedia of the Natural Environment and Sustainable Development. Editions Didier Millet. p. 472. ISBN 9789814260084. Retrieved 2014-11-26. The crimson sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja) is informally nominated by nature lovers as the national bird of Singapore.

The following is a press release announcing the SG50 Limited Edition:

Staedtler Premium SG50 LE

Staedtler Premium SG50 Flora & Fauna Limited Edition

SG50 is a nationwide effort to celebrate Singapore 50th anniversary of independence in 2015.

Inspired by the City in a Garden, STAEDTLER puts her name to produce this limited SG50 Flora and Fauna edition of fountain pen, available in “Fine” and “Medium” nib.

The vibrant colors of the iconic Singapore national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, reflect the Singapore spirit – hardiness and resilience.

The Crimson Sunbird and Singapore share some similar characteristics, such as being small but dynamic, and also having the same nickname “A Tiny Red Dot”. The bird was described by British founder, Sir Stamford Raffles, back in 1822.
As a note of trivia, the Crimson Sunbird is also the unofficial national bird of Singapore.

The hand-drawn illustration is imprinted on the finest quality cowhide leather using innovative STAEDTLER inkjet technology. Imprinting leather is unique in writing instruments. Its finishing by tanning and dyeing is done manually with the utmost care. It is a handmade article and 100% made in Germany.

To commemorate this Golden Jubilee milestone, the SG50 logo is engraved on the cap of the fountain pen. Each pen will come with a special certificate and limit to 98 pieces worldwide.

The perfect gift for this premium moment.

(Attached next page is the product information)

Product Information:
– Screw Cap
– Body covered in top-quality leather
– Each piece of leather is applied to body by hand
– Hand-drawn illustration
– Metal fittings with matt chrome-plated finish
– With cartridge/converter system
– Equipped with converter
– High-quality stainless steel nib with Mars head
– Writing tip with iridium grain
– Nib width: (F) Fine, (M) Medium
– 100% Made in Germany

Photos: Staedtler (Singapore) Pte Ltd


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