Graf von Faber Castell to launch SG50 Snakewood commemorative edition

Luxury writing instrument manufacturer Graf von Faber Castell of Germany is set to introduce a collection of exotic wood writing instruments in commemoration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. The country’s 50th Anniversary is commonly referred to as “SG50” – hence the choice of precious Snakewood as the material of construction. The year of Singapore’s independence, 1965, also happens to be the year of the Wood Snake according to the Chinese Zodiac. Snakewood is a hardwood from South America with reddish brown veins and a natural lustre. It is among the most expensive in the world.

GvFC Snakewood Edition (1)

Graf von Faber Castell SG50 Snakewood Special Edition Set

The Snakewood Special Edition comes in 50 sets of 4 pieces. Each exclusive wooden presentation box consists of a fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint and pencil – all individually numbered from 1 to 50 and bearing the SG50 logo.

The Snakewood Special Edition set retails at S$3388, including GST. The boxed set is exclusive to the Singapore market and will be available locally from June 2015.

Graf von Faber Castell Snakewood Limited Edition

The Snakewood Limited Edition comes issued in a collection of 1761 pieces per writing instrument – it is available individually as a fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint and pencil. Each comes in a standard gift box which contains a signed certificate.

The fountain pen retails at S$1188, followed by the rollerball at S$838, as well as the ballpoint and pencil at S$688 each. Prices include GST. The Snakewood Limited Edition will be available worldwide from October 2015.

The following is a press release announcing the SG50 Snakewood Special Edition Set and Snakewood Limited Edition:

 GvFC Snakewood Edition (9)

Graf von Faber Castell SG50 Snakewood Special Edition Set

A new limited series of extraordinary writing instruments is set to enhance the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection on the occasion of Singapore’s 50th anniversary: the Snakewood Edition includes a fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil with barrels made from reddish-brown veined snakewood.

The special grain to which snakewood owes its name is a magical feature – this wood is among the most expensive in the world and is especially prized in instrument making and exclusive works of art. The use of contrasting materials gives the series a touch of elegant understatement: the cap, tip and sprung clip are plated with highly polished platinum, whereas the barrel is made from warm, finely fluted snakewood.

To match the date the Faber-Castell company was founded in 1761, this exclusive edition is limited to 1,761 pieces per writing instrument and will be released in October 2015. It will be available from May in Singapore, however, to honour a very special occasion: the South-East Asian city-state is celebrating its 50 year anniversary in 2015.

The SG50 Snakewood Special Edition will therefore be available in advance for connoisseurs of elegant writing culture. It is an anniversary edition of the snakewood series consisting of 50 four-piece sets, which are all engraved with ‘SG50’ and individually numbered from 1 to 50. The sets are presented in an exquisite dark brown wooden box.

Photos: Graf von Faber Castell

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