Kyoto Celluloid Pencil Cases

I spotted these beautiful pencil cases made by Kyoto Celluloid on my first trip to Tokyu Hands at Orchard Central. The Kyoto Celluloid company markets its products as being made from an “earth-friendly” thermoplastic that is biodegradable and pre-dates oil plastics.

Three colours are available, and I opted for the two pictured here. The first design had a checkered black and white finish, while the second was a red and white Japanese Koi finish. The third design available at Tokyu Hands was a marbled white finish. Also available at the store were fountain pens made of celluloid and fitted with gold plated IPG nibs.

Kyoto Celluloid fountain pens aren’t as highly sought after compared to the Platinum Pen Company’s celluloid fountain pens. That being said, they are considerably more affordable. If you’re interested, my recommendation is to bid for one on an eBay auction!

At SG$28, Kyoto Celluloid pencil cases aren’t cheap – I bought them due to their unique appearance and pleasant scent. Unfortunately, the celluloid pencil cases aren’t ideal for storing expensive fountain pens, as the pens may bump into each other. I plan to store different fountain pen accessories or ballpoints instead.

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