Franklin Cristoph Model 40 in pictures

The Franklin-Cristoph Model 40P is a pocket-sized fountain pen from the American manufacturer. The Model 40 has enjoyed success through the years and is now a classic in the range.

Inky Passion had previously reviewed the Model 02 Intrinsic, which is larger but somewhat similar in build. I personally favour the Model 40 because it has an uninterrupted form and doesn’t come fitted with a clip. The Model 66 Stabilis is another pen I have been eyeing and I am waiting for the arrival of one with a gold nib.

The Model 40 comes in a variety of finishes, and is fitted with a wide selection of nibs in steel and gold, which include custom grinds and gold nibs tuned by Mike Masuyama of Mike it Work!

Pictured is the Franklin Cristoph Model 40P in a translucent Smoke & Ice finish and fitted with a HPS 1.1 Italic nib.

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