Midori Grain notepads – a touch of class

Japanese notebooks are known for their high quality paper and the Midori Traveller notebook, in particular, has distinguished itself for its customisability, great paper quality and high quality leather cover.

I personally own no less than five Midori Traveller notebooks but they are pricey and I still prefer writing on notepads. Midori MD notebooks are also elegant but plain in appearance and the genuine leather covers are extremely expensive.

The Midori Worldmeister “Grain” notepads are therefore perfect for me, as they carry on the tradition of the Traveller notebook in delivering high quality paper in a stylish package.

The Midori Worldmeister series is a range of products that bring together the best of both worlds, combining recycled European leather and Japanese paper. Recycled leather is made from fibres taken from high quality cowhide.

The Worldmeister Volume 1 “Dainel” is an A5 notebook while the Volume 2 “Santina” is an A6 Notebook. The former is made of French paper leather while the latter is made of Dutch paper leather. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of these stocked locally.

The Volume 3 “Grain” is the latest from the Worldmeister series – an A6 wirebound notepad that comes with a Black, Dark Brown, Brown and Light Brown recycled leather cover from Valencia, Spain. This probably means it is made of faux leather, but it still has a great appearance. The notepad has a hard backing for writing on the move.

Grain notepads feature 100 sheets of Midori’s MD paper in plain and ruled format, suitable for writing and drawing. The plain end of the notebook is white while the ruled end contains cream coloured paper that goes easy on the eyes. An extremely durable elastic closure keeps the notebook shut securely when not in use.

Midori Worldmeister “Grain” notepads are available from NBC Stationery.