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Inky Passion is primarily a news and review site for fountain pens, but running such a site is involves more than just hitting a keyboard and clicking on a mouse – it also requires time, effort and money to fund servers and equipment.

For instance, the shutter mechanism of a professional DSLR has a limited lifespan of approximately 150,000 shots. Even batteries lose their ability to charge over time, and can cost hundreds of dollars. All this doesn’t take into account eventual wear and tear.

Inky Passion thanks our kind sponsors and contributors for keeping the site alive – by supporting the site, they help to keep its servers running and make possible a constant flow of high-quality articles and great photography.


Feature Articles / Reviews

Inky Passion is happy to feature or review your product, service or business. Feature articles draw attention to relevant products, services or businesses which are beneficial or of interest to readers of the site. They may also concern persons or events which have taken place. Reviews contain critical information and opinions of the respective authors, as well as high-quality photographs.

Inky Passion does not accept payments as an incentive to feature products and services. All products and services featured are examined on a basis of news worthiness – not the desire of any particular brand, company, advertiser or public relations firm. At Inky Passion, we believe that we owe it to our readers to provide accurate, unbiased opinions in our reviews.

If you would like to get your product, service, event or business featured on the site, simply drop us a message using the contact form!



Inky Passion offers non-exclusive licenses for the use of any original images featured on the site. Businesses or individuals may purchase the license to use these high-resolution images for any purpose. They may not resell the images. Images will be made available for download via the Dropbox file hosting service once payment is received.

The following rates will apply –

Photography Rates

Number of images Price
1 high-resolution JPEG SGD$50
3 high resolution JPEGs SGD$100
7 high-resolution JPEGs  SGD$150
10 high resolution JPEGs SGD$200

If you require other photography services for your product, event or business, please contact us and we will send you a quotation on the basis of an hourly rate or a project.


Inky Passion offers advertising spaces for products, services or businesses which are relevant to the content of the site. There are primarily three types of advertisements – banner ads appear in the header and page body, while sidebar ads appear on the right side of every page. Advertisements in the sidebar will not appear on the mobile version of the site, while footer ads appear on every page.

The following are typical ad dimensions –

Banner – 670 x 90 – 130 px

Sidebar – 300 x 250 – 600 px

Footer – 300 x 250 px

Please contact us regarding availability, pricing, placement and the terms and conditions of an ad placement.

Sponsorships / Giveaways

Inky Passion allows businesses to sponsor a product or service relevant to readers of the site. We believe in bringing attention to products and services which are ethical and beneficial to our readers. It is the policy of this site to explicitly identify sponsors.

Non-profit / Educational Use

If you are a member of a non-profit organisation, educational institution or charity, Inky Passion is more than happy to support your cause. You will have to appropriately give credit for the work and use it only for non-commercial purposes. This may include explicitly crediting the author or publishing content with a watermark. Simply contact us for permission to use images or for any collaboration.


Contact us now if there is any way we could assist you or provide further information! All content on the site (including advertisements) is subject to editorial discretion to ensure a high-quality experience.