Inky Passion on Television!

Inky Passion was recently featured on a Mediacorp Okto Channel production called “Bespoke”. The programme features artisanal products and premiered on 2nd December 2015 at 10PM. You can watch a recording of it online at Toggle. Watch the documentary, and have a look at what goes on at the Pilot production line and Nakaya office!

When host Justin Bratton asks Yoshida-san to create a pen with two T-rex dinosaurs, Yoshida-san jokingly teases him that “If you have 15,000 USD to spend, we can create anything.” Bratton later settles on a standard Nakaya Writer Model.

The host also visits master craftsman Kohsuke Matsubara in his workshop. With typical Japanese modesty, Matsubara humbly says, “Even though I’ve done it for a long time, I still can’t say I am totally satisfied with my work. There are still times I cannot create a perfect product. So it’s still not enough. Even till the end, it’s quite impossible to be fully satisfied.”

Here’s what I had to say, as a fountain pen lover:

“It’s a romantic thing – just like typewriters and film cameras, pens are something that remind us of the past. When you use a fountain pen, you can’t just click it and you have to slowly uncap it. It is an entire process of slowing down your lifestyle and focusing on the task that’s at hand.”