December Pen Meet

Over 60 fountain pen lovers of all ages welcomed the festive season with a meet held at Burlington Square. One of the largest meets ever organised, the event was generously sponsored by retailer Fook Hing Trading Co. Each participant was given a Life Renover Notebook as a door gift. The highlight of the day was a lucky draw giveaway which included a number of fountain pens and inks, among others.

The top three prizes included recently released models such as the Pilot Justus 95, Platinum 3776 Century Nice Pur and Franklin Cristoph’s flagship Model 02 Intrinsic with a HPS 1.9 Music nib. Franklin Cristoph is a brand that will soon hit the market in Singapore, as I had earlier reported in this Inky Passion article.

The winner of the first prize was Mr Choo Meng Foo. Mr Choo can be seen testing out his new Justus 95 in the final photograph. I am rather amazed to have discovered that he is an accomplished artist, photographer and author of a number of books including one on street photography. That isn’t even his full-time job.

The second prize was won by Miss Jasamine Lee and the third by Miss Jenny Tan. I was unable to keep up with the names of all winners or interview them, however I am certain they will feel really blessed this Christmas season. To the rest of you, here’s wishing you get all the pens, inks and stationery you are dreaming of!

It is really nice to see so many people coming together to share in a common passion. I am sure Leon Lim, the original founder of the Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers group, had never imagined we would come this far. With the ever increasing number of people interested in fountain pens and writing by hand, perhaps someday we would require a hotel ballroom or convention centre.

I can vividly remember one of the first meets I attended, which took place at the Spinelli Coffee outlet in China Square. At that time, the group consisted of just a handful of people and most were middle aged. Today it is a much more diverse group with many young enthusiasts, and through Facebook has grown to more than 1500 members.

Fun fact: Back then, the only pens I had were a Lamy Vista, Lamy Safari Charcoal, Lamy Safari Lime and Lamy Al-Star. I quickly progressed to the Cross ATX and eventually I got my first Lamy 2000 from Fook Hing. As they say, the rest is history.

Interestingly, I met Mr Teoh Yi Chie who writes at Parka Blogs – I know he has a really comprehensive collection of articles and is a prolific blogger, but I never knew he was from Singapore until today! I must be living under a rock.

There are many mini-stories and happenings during the meet but I am unable to recount everything as I was truly overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who turned up for the event. To those who weren’t able to attend the meet, here are some photographs that capture what happened and who attended.

Do join us in future! Things can only get more exciting…